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Timo Garrett
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About Timo Garrett
Timo started modeling and immediately because a staple model for Boycrush purely due to the passion and intensity he puts into every since one of his videos. Every scene he performs in is an instant classic.
Timo Garrett Scenes

Timo Garrett Unwinds on Camera

Timo Garrett is a new fresh-faced boy, eager to prove his stuff on camera. We have no doubt he's going to keep impressing us, there's just something about his energy off camera; you know he's going to deliver when the cameras are rolling. Not to mention, he's more than just a pretty face, this boy's quick as a whip.

Timo's Hot Tub Adventure

Timo Garrett wows the camera with a relaxing hot tub solo that ends with a dildo show. The way he moves it in and out of his ass is almost as hot as the real thing and he finishes with a cumshot that's just a hot. This solo is just a hint at the incredibly sexy performances Timo is just aching to give!

Our Timo Breaks in Dean

Timo Garrett and Dean Holland face off in this intense hardcore video. The scene starts off with some incredibly passionate kissing with Timo tearing Dean's clothing off and worshiping his cock. He moves to rimming and Dean moans softly as Timo slides his tongue in and out of his tight ass. Once he has his ass nice and ready, he dips his cock in and gives him a pounding he'll never forget. They cum almost at the same time with screams of pleasure from both.

The Greatest Gift of All: Jordan & Timo

It's Christmas morning and Jordan Ashton wakes to find one big present under his tree. He knocks on it and Timo Garrett responds by bursting out of it and proclaims himself as Jordan's time sensitive gift. Jordan makes sure he gets a good turn with his boytoy before he has to go back to the workshop.

Patrick Pounds Timo Garrett

Timo Garrett gets Patrick Kennedy all hot and bothered in the bedroom, getting him to do all kinds of things he doesn't usually do. He face fucks Timo before rimming his tight ass long and good. Then they get down to some hot fucking and it isn't long before they're both covered in hot, sticky cum.

Tommie & Timo Fuck Each Other

Timo Garrett gets home to find Tommie Reed ready for his hot cock. He knows exactly what turns him on and they immediately tear into each other with Timo getting into it with his usual passionate flair. Tommie tops first but it isn't long before Timo is fucking the shit out of him too and finishing with a hot cumshot.

Timo Garrett barebacks Nathan

Timo Garrett is always passionate in his scenes and this match-up with Nathan Stratus is no exception. They swap oral until Nathan decides he's ready to get penetrated. Timo's bare cock feels so good inside that Nathan busts a load while they fuck. Timo finishes with a nice facial on a smiling Nathan.

Timo Garrett's Solo Busride

Timo Garrett is the first guy we get to come on the Boycrush Bus for a sexy solo. He admits that he can suck his own dick and we can't wait to film him doing it. After some toy play, he flips himself upside down and sucks his own dick until he's ready to cum. We park the bus just in time for him to cum all over his face and chest.

Timo Helps Alan with a Book Report

Alan Parish is having trouble concentrating so Timo Garrett Comes over to lend a hand . . . or two. Alan tries to keep them on task but Timo has other, more intimate plans. He gets Alan naked and then lets him fuck him good and hard until they both cum. Cute and playful Timo is a perfect match up the fiery Alan.

Jackson & Timo on the Swing Part 1

Jackson Miller and Timo Garrett get frisky on the Boycrush Sex Swing with a hot double solo. Jackson's strong body puts them in tons of positions. They each get a turn getting blown on the swing and devouring each other's cocks with their mouths. and both of them blow their loads on each other's faces.

Jackson & Timo on the Swing Part 2

Jackson Miller gets Timo Garrett in the swing again for this hot hardcore scene. They start off suck each other's hard dicks while sitting in the swing. Then Jackson flips him over and fucks him doggie style. They get even crazier in the swing and finish on the floor, Jackson fucking him sideways and then cumming on his face.

Double Penetration with Kyler, Nathan, & Timo

We get Kyler Moss, Nathan Stratus, and Timo Garrett on the Boycrush Bus and then move them inside our studio for some intense hardcore action. Timo fucks both Kyler and Nathan before Kyler joins him, fucking Nathan's tight ass at the same time. They finish off with three hot cumshots while getting fucked.

Looking Through Cum-Colored Glasses

Noah Carlisle has a fistful of Timo Garrett's hair as the white-haired boy sucks his dick. When he gets down to return the favor, Timo can only bite his lip in reaction. When Noah climbs on top for a 69, Timo takes the opportunity to eat his little ass. He doesn't pass on the chance to shove his bare cock up that hole, either! After Noah cums, Timo pulls out and covers his face and glasses in fluid.

Timo Eats His Cum Off Jesse

Jesse Jordan and Timo Garrett take their time kissing and undressing before sucking each other's dick. Jesse backs his ass up on Timo's dick, reverse cowboy style, after putting on a condom and lube for him. Timo isn't on his back for long, though, he wants to put Jesse through his paces! He fucks the brunette doggy style, on his side, and finally hammers cum out of Jesse in missionary. Timo straddles Jesse's chest, shooting ropes of cum across his face before licking him clean.

Timo Takes a Man-Cherry

Chris Jett's excited about having sex with a boy for a first time and Timo Garrett claims he's, "never taken a man-cherry before." They swap oral, but it's when Timo lubes up Chris' cock and sits on it that the boys enter unexplored territory. With Chris' dick securely up his ass, Timo rocks his hips madly against him. The pace doesn't slow down as these two work their way through several positions. Timo cries out as he shoots his load and Chris pulls out just in time to slick his hole in cum.

The New Kid on the Cock

Timo Garrett is eager to help break in new kid Dustin Cooper. These boys kiss and touch as they strip each other down to nothing but skin. Timo takes Dustin's cock in his mouth first before Dustin pulls down Timo's near-see through underwear to return the favor. When Dustin sits on his cock, Timo waits until he's loosened up before he really starts to thrust. After Dustin cums while being fucked, Timo jerks off and gives him a creamy facial.

The New Exclusive & the Fan Favorite

Ryan Sharp is the brand new exclusive at BoyCrush and he's settling in well, this week he's paired up with fan-favorite, Timo Garrett. The boys kiss before getting their mouths and tongues on each others dicks. Timo gets Ryan on his back with his legs spread wide so he can eat his ass before they fuck. Ryan takes Timo's hard cock up his ass on all fours, up on his knees, and even grinds back on it in a chair. After he fucks the cum out of Ryan in missionary, Timo crawls up to give the new boy a big facial.

Timo Gets "the Big One" from Braden!

Timo Garrett takes the lead this week with new kid Braden Klien. After swapping-spit, Timo slinks down and mouths Braden's giant cock through his underwear before pulling those off, too. While Braden's cock is impressive, Timo riding it is even more so! And once he's on his back, Timo cums with that big cock up his ass before receiving a hearty facial from Braden.
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